Difference between DBMS and file system


  1. It is a collection of related records stored in an organized manner , so that we can retrieve , manipulate the data effectively.
  2. There is less redundant data
  3. Provides higher data consistency using normalisation
  4. Provides more security to the data
  5. DBMS is suitable for medium to large organizations or multiple users.
  6. For ex :- MySQL,mssql ,oracle

File system

  1. Collection of related records and handles the way of reading and writing data in to a storage medium
  2. There is more redundant data
  3. Has data inconsistency
  4. Provides less security comparatively
  5. Appropriate to handle data of small organization or individual users
  6. For ex :- NTFS , Ext

Advantages and disadvantages of DBMS

  1. Advantages of Dbms
  2. The DBMS helps create an environment in which end users have better access to more and better-managed data.
  3. A DBMS provides a framework for better enforcement of data privacy and security policies.
  4. Data inconsistency exists when different versions of the same data appear in different places.The probability of data inconsistency is greatly reduced in a properly designed database
  5. Better-managed data and improved data access make it possible to generate better-quality information, on which better decisions are based.

Disadvantages of Dbms

  1. The cost of maintaining the hardware, software, and personnel required to operate and manage a database system can be substantial.
  2. To maximize the efficiency of the database system, you must keep your system current.Therefore, you must perform frequent updates and apply the latest patches and security measures to all components.
  3. DBMS vendors frequently upgrade their products by adding new functionality. Such new features often come bundled in new upgrade versions of the software.
  4. Some of these versions require hardware upgrades. Not only do the upgrades themselves cost money, but it also costs money to train database users and administrators to properly use and manage the new features

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